News: "March for Europe!", Burgplatz, Düsseldorf, Germany, 25/03/2017, noon:

"Yes to Europe - No to Nationalism!"




Nationalism is coming back as Brexit and Donald Trump's "America first!" clearly give evidence of. Time to stand up against the most myopic of all political doctrines. On March 25, 2017 - the  60th anniversary of the "Rome Treaties" - we will join in the "March for Europe!" on Burgplatz in Duesseldorf. And not just there: On that day, the friends of Europe will assemble in some other cities as well: Rome, London, Berlin. Below, read the call for the "March" as it was agreed on by our partners, the Duesseldorf branch of the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB), the Duesseldorf-based network "Düsseldorfer Appell / Respekt und Mut" und a group of deeply committed students from Berlin:


"Yes to Europe - No to nationalism!"

Terror, refugees, public debt and millions of young unemployed: Europe is in deep crisis. The European project, which so far has brought us peace and prosperity, is shaking.

Many are abusing the current situation calling for an end to a united Europe. They brag about the perceived superiority of their own nations, turn away from their neighbours and despise our free, open and democratic societies. They want to turn back time.

We will not watch these developments from the sidelines! On the 60th anniversary of one of the founding moments of Europe - the signing of the "Rome Treaties" - we are calling on everyone who believes in the European idea, to stand up with us:

  • For a joint, open and social Europe!
  • For a Europe of values: human rights, freedom of speech and press, the rule of law, understanding and solidarity!
  • For the right to a more active participation of citizens in the design of a democratic Europe!
  • Against turning back to nationalism, segregation and confrontation!

Together with many Europeans in Rome, Berlin, Dusseldorf and other cities, we will jointly stand up for a strong and democratic Europe. Europe is our future!"

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Come and join us on March 25 in Duesseldorf!




What We are Europe! strives for? This can be ...

  ... quickly explained: Bringing together citizens of different European nationalities as often and at so many places as possible, and talk with them about the future of Europe. And, finally, providing these citizens with a decisive voice in terms of shaping the Europe of the future. We firmly believe: Thus, a fundament for European society can be laid.





What We are Europe! does? We give a voice to Europeans. In a double sense.

  Of course, shaping Europe's future means extensive discussion. However, not primarily among compatriots, but with citizens of different European nations. And, still more important, there is a need of ballots afterwards, in order to find out where majorities are. As this is rarely practised, we want to train it: Being a European. This is why we developed the concept of agora europa.





Europe cannot be done in a solo run. We are proud of our partners.

  Europe is pure diversity. Whoever cares for Europe, he should swiftly move away from the idea that he, all by himself, could stir things forward. It all comes down to good partners who have their own pictures and thoughts in their heads, but who think in the same direction. We take a pride in having found partners in Europe who share our vision of the future Europe: Citizens matter!




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