European Associations

Did you know that if you want to set up a transnational European sports club or a transnational association fighting for climate change, you can’t do this under European law? Whenever citizens come together to fight for what they believe in, they have to do so under national law. That makes it incredibly hard to be effective on a European level, but it also means there are no common standards across Europe, leading to potential corruption, tax and liability issues and huge amounts of bureaucracy. All of which, if you think about it, are a fast and reliable way of silencing citizens, who want to stand up for their rights. Now the bizarre thing is, that if you wanted to start a European business, profiting from coordinated rules and procedures you could do so under European law. But once again Europe’s lawmakers seem to have forgotten who should be at the very centre of it: It’s us – the citizens of the Union.

If you want to learn more about the political debate on European associations that has been led for three decades, here is your document.

We feel it is high time this debate comes to an end, at last. This is why we launched, on February 12, 2019, the “Yes, we are a European association – YEA!” campaign in Aachen. In this campaign, we call on the European institutions to continue their efforts until the 10th European elections (2024) to create a European statute for associations . And if hundreds and thousands of associations throughout the whole EU support this demand, there is a resonable chance we will see this dream come true: Being united in a European association.

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