Great Britain


With the EU parliament elections taking place on the 23rd-26thof May 2019, only eight weeks after the official Brexit date, an estimated 3.5 million EU citizens living in the UK are left in a challenging situation to cast their vote. When the UK was a member state of the EU, non-UK EU citizens were enrolled in the UK electoral registers and were voting for regional UK lists for the EU parliament elections. From the 30thof March 2019 onwards, EU citizens in the UK will be considered as living in a non-EU country, which will change the registration and voting process for EU elections for them. EU citizens living in the UK nevertheless still have the right to have a say on the EU’s future. They have a right to participate in the vote and to continue to play a part in the future of the European Union.

Each EU member state has its own registration and voting process, as well as registration deadline, for their citizens living outside of the EU.

Click here to see the Voting rules and processes summary table for each country.

For further information, if you want to get involved, or if you have information to share on voting and registration processes for citizens living in the UK of a specific EU country, please contact We are Europe!’s UK campaign lead at