Becoming a member of We are Europe! is the best way to amplify your voice as a European citizen, joining together with citizens across the Union. Membership of the Association is open to anyone who supports the aims of the Association and who has reached the age of 16. Applicants or their spouse/ partner should be Europeans.

There are two ways to become a member of We Are Europe!:

Regular membership (which is reserved to natural persons only) will give you full voting rights at our Meeting of Members and requires you to pay an annual membership fee from 1 January 2019 (60 € / year regularly with special rates for families and exemptions for students and unemployed persons).

Supporting membership means you like the idea and want to support it, but you’re not European or unable to submit to any financial or other duties (you can of course always donate on a voluntary basis whenever you see fit). Supporting membership might be particularly interesting for businesses or other NGO’s disinclined to undergo any formal obligations.

Please note: As soon as a pillar of the WE ARE EUROPE! GROUP has been established in your country of residence, we would offer you to get your membership transferred from We are Europe! Germany to the new pillar in your country, to allow you to benefit from any potential tax allowances for your donations.

Become a regular member (only natural persons )
Become a supporting member (as a natural person)
Become a supporting member (as a legal entity)