In many cities across Europe, people are demonstrating to show their support for Ukraine again and again – a strong and important message! We asked ourselves: can we increase the impact of these demonstrations, for example by holding them in several cities on the same day, and, thus, see the first Rhineland March for the freedom of Ukraine take place? The answer was: yes, we can! And so the Osteuropaforum in Bonn, the Blau-Gelbe Kreuz in Cologne and We are Europe in Düsseldorf joined forces to take to the streets for Ukraine. On 23 June 2023, the time had come: Exactly at 7 p.m., people stepped onto the Kennedy Bridge in Bonn, the Deutz Bridge in Cologne and the Oberkassel Bridge in Düsseldorf to meet in the middle of these bridges and demonstrate their solidarity with Ukraine. On the eastern bank, the Ukrainian participants had started, on the western bank all other European participants. Seeing how these two groups merged in the middle of the bridges, how European flags of all nations flew in the wind and music from all over Europe sounded was one of the unforgettable moments of this day!