The European Democracy Passport: Your Commitment to Europe.

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Will we, citizens of this continent, one day be Europeans above all, more than Germans, Swedes or Spaniards? Yes, that will happen. And more than that: being first and foremost European will be an existentially new experience for future generations. Never before has an inhabitant of the continent had this exciting experience. All our activities at We are Europe! aim to bring this new European feeling to life.

What could help us better than – art? For millennia, the visual arts have been the most reliable producer of a pan-European we-feeling – no matter how much conflicts and wars raged, we have always admired paintings and sculptures made by European artists, and at least unconsciously each of us understood perfectly well that they are reflections of a common culture that in one way or another shapes and sustains us all.

This is exactly the idea behind the European Democracy Passport. Issued by us for the first time in 2019, it represents a simple blue document bearing the photo and personal data of its “holder” and is individually designed and signed on its page three by a European artist. This makes the European Democracy Passport a unique and valuable work of art and, at the same time, an identity carrier, a COMMITMENT TO EUROPE. This commitment is expressed in the passport as follows:

Holders of this passport see themselves as members of a future people of Europe. All institutions to which this passport is presented are called upon to work for the development of the European Union into a transnational democracy in which freedom and civil rights can be exercised across borders and irrespective of nationalities.

The first European artists have started to create European Democracy Passports for you. If you are a member of We are Europe!, select a motif of your choice below and let us know the artist’s name and the corresponding number and we will send you your passport immediately. Of course, the European Democracy Passport is free of charge for you. If you are not yet a member but would like to take your time to consider membership: No worries, choose a motif and we will reserve it for you up to four weeks. Please note: Currently, only the German version is available; by autumn 2021, we will be able to release versions in other European languages likewise.

“Keep going, keep going! There is no other future for the peoples of Europe than the Union.” – You will find this quote from Jean Monnet on the back of your European Democracy Passport. We hope that many of you will enjoy this passport – and that together we can come a little closer to Jean Monnet’s dream!

Artists designing the European Democracy Passport

Nadja Zikes, Königshardt (Oberhausen), Germany

Alexander Ess

Alexander Ess, Feldkirch (Vorarlberg), Austria

Thomas Rauch

Thomas Anton Rauch, Feldkirch (Vorarlberg), Austria

Ciprian Paleologu, Bucharest, Romania

Lakis Mouratidis, Greece

Lakis Mouratidis, Volos, Greece