“Send Marder and Leopard tanks to Ukraine”: This was plain language on the topic of “Ukraine and the EU” by Prof. Sönke Neitzel in his video chat with us on 01/09/2022. Here is what he said:

The EU has outsourced its security policy to the USA. It is content with a role as an “auxiliary” of the USA and remains militarily weak itself, which reminds him of the Holy Roman Empire and the German Confederation, both of which were not up to the challenges of their time. Without US military support, Ukraine would have ceased to exist as a state. He was pessimistic that this would change in the foreseeable future. Germany itself refrains from playing a leadership role and keeps a low profile.

What would Neitzel do if he were Federal Chancellor?

First, talk to the Defence Industry and ask: What can you supply? Then send the refurbished Marder and Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Secondly, have a ‘master plan for ammunition’ drawn up and tell the ammunition factories in Germany to ramp up ammunition production. Thirdly, arrange with President Selensky for Germany to sponsor a division and equip it.

Neitzel’s description of the situation of European security and armament policy is shocking. A current example: The FCAS (Future Combat Air System), a joint fighter aircraft project of France and Germany, is “on the brink of failure”.

Neitzel’s description of Europe’s situation leads directly to a question: Are 440 million Europeans really unwilling and unable to stop the decline of their continent together?

By Sönke Neitzel’s lecture, we are proud of continuing our previous activities on Ukraine.