Subscription Ruling

The 16th Members’ Meeting held on 17 February 2021 approved the following amended Subscription Ruling pursuant to Number 4 of the Constitution:

  1. Subscription
    1. The Association shall charge members resident in the Federal Republic of Germany an annual subscription. The subscription per calendar year is 
      1. adults (aged 18 and above): 60 €
      2. married couples and families: 80 €
    2. schoolchildren, students and trainees below the age of 25 shall be exempt from the subscription against provision of corresponding evidence.
    3. If and as long as members are involved in other non-profit associations as defined in Section 52 (2) no. 13 of the General German Tax Code “Abgabenordnung” (promotion of international sentiments, of tolerance in all cultural areas and of the concept of understanding among nations) and are required to pay a subscription there, they shall pay only half the subscription pursuant to letter a. The Committee must be provided with suitable evidence of the other subscription-based membership on an annual basis.
    4. Members joining the Association after 30 June shall pay half the subscription for the remainder of the year concerned. Members joining the Association after 31 October shall pay the subscription as from the following year.
    5. No pro-rata reimbursement of the subscription shall be made in the event of membership being terminated during the course of a year.
  1. Payment terms
    1. The subscription is payable on 31 March of each year.
    2. Members are requested to authorise the Association to collect their subscription via SEPA direct debit. Otherwise, the member must transfer the subscription to the Association account nominated by the Committee by the due date.
    3. The subscription can be paid in monthly or quarterly instalments. A precondition for this is the issuing of a corresponding SEPA mandate.
    4. In the event of late payment and following an unsuccessful personal discussion, the member shall receive a written payment reminder setting a deadline for payment of the subscription. A dunning fee of €5 will be charged in addition.
    5. Number 3.8 of the Constitution shall apply if a member is in default on at least two annual subscriptions.
  1. Lapsing of the obligation to pay the subscription

Members who receive unemployment benefit II (“Arbeitslosengeld II”), basic social assistance (“Grundsicherung”) or similar social benefits, are exempt from payment of the subscription, if and as soon as they submit corresponding evidence to the Committee.

  1. Donations

Donations over and above payment of the subscription are possible at any time and are very welcome.

  1. Validity of the Subscription Ruling

This amended Subscription Ruling shall take effect as from 18 February 2021.

The Committee